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"The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars."
- Arthur C. Clarke


At Lunar Mission, we are thrilled to embark on our first ever HiveProject journey with a select group of curious minds and passionate students like you.


Our mission is to unlock the wonders of space exploration and lunar discovery through engaging problem sets focused on Orbits 1 and Lunar Sites. As part of our pre-release testing phase, we are excited to have you on board to help us shape the future of this educational project.

Throughout this exclusive testing phase, we will be presenting you with two captivating problem sets in PDF format, meticulously designed to challenge your critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and inspire a passion for space-related design!

What will you be doing?

Ever wondered how satellites actually navigate through space? Learn the basics of orbital mechanics. Use NASA GMAT to simulate and analyse your orbits.
Perform transfer orbits and maneuevers!

Why are we going back to the moon?
Build a case around a particular area on the
moon and it's scientific and strategic benefits. Here, you'll gain an understanding of lunar ambitions!
You will come up with mission objectives, identify
risks and perform a trade-off analysis between
the different regions.


You may provide various levels of engagement depending on your availability and organic interest in the project. We have options ranging from 5 minutes to 6+ hours.

Level 1


Initial Thoughts

Within 5 minutes of opening and looking through the documents, what are your initial thoughts?

Level 4


Document your progress in the workbooks

Showcase your work in your workbook.

Level 2


Engage with the Content

After spending some more time reading through our content, does it inspire you to continue? If not, why?

Level 5


Submit your work

Send us your work, add it to your CV, highlight your developed skills!

Level 3


Attempt Problem Sets

Develop your skills with our problem sets. Are they challenging, intruiging and captivating?

Level 6


Gain Feedback on your submissions

We'll send you personalised feedback on your submission prior to full-release!

Lunar Mission Assets.png
Gain Access Here

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When you click "apply" below, a google drive link will be sent to your email, and you will be taken to the drive location. Please bookmark the drive location for your convenience. 

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