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Our Team.

We all have a shared passion for space, for education and making an impact on the future of this planet. That's why it's so easy for us to love HiveSpace! 

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Web Development Lead

Aadam Jaan Khan

I joined HiveSpace because I'm passionate about space exploration and inspiring the next generation. With my experience in software development, I aim to develop user-friendly web applications and courses that help HiveSpace achieve its goals. I'm excited to be part of HiveSpace's journey and committed to supporting its mission to make a meaningful impact on the space industry. Together, we can inspire future generations to explore space and pursue their passions.

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Project Development Lead

Gavin Furtado

My goal is to help Hive Space create an online environment where students, young professionals and people who are interested in space, get an opportunity to explore the space industry and dive deeper into an area of their choice. My contribution at Hive Space is mainly focused but not limited to developing space education courses that not only imbibe knowledge but are also fun and exciting to learn. With the Hive Space team we aim to empower students to be much more well equipped when they step foot in the industry.

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Web Development

James Graham

I am excited to join HiveSpace due to its mission to provide a platform for enthusiastic students interested in space, to gain real-world experience in space-related fields. HiveSpace's commitment to addressing skills gaps, recruitment difficulties, and student retention in STEM subjects is impressive, and I am eager to be a part of the solution. I am particularly drawn to HiveSpace's focus on diversity and inclusivity, which are crucial for building a sustainable and equitable space industry. With my passion for space and experience in Mathematical and Computational problems, I knew I wanted to get involved as soon as possible!

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